Hiring the Right Network Administrator
January 17, 2013

What's Your Network Know-How?

Gadget geek. IT person. Network ninja. The roles are generally numerous, the titles quite various, and the descriptions may sometimes be vague, but the demand for network professionals is always high--and growing. With the blindingly fast speed of technology these days, the dependence and demand ever grows for network professionals or teams to keep companies up to snuff and (hopefully) ahead of the tech curve.

Without these key players, the risk of falling behind competitors, facing embarrassment, or losing business is too great. You might say that network professionals are the catchers of the team, keeping the game going smoothly, catching stray balls, monitoring the whole field, and often calling the pitches. That is, calling the shots on technical upgrades. It's a large responsibility but someone's got to do it.

With this important player comes an important question: what's your network know-how? Is your company still running on Windows XP? Do you balk at conference calls and presentations with "technical difficulties"? Do your monitors look like they're from the 90's? How do you decide in which technical persons and technologies it is the highest priority to invest, for both today and tomorrow? Or, maybe you're on the other side of the conversation and wondering you might fit into the picture if you're a professional with a networking, computer, or IT management background.

Finding the Right Network Guru... or the Right Employer

At Carroll Technology Services, we have a steady supply of network administration-type positions ranging from computer and phone hookups and troubleshooting to technical wizardry. Our staff is ready to help answer your questions to help employers prioritize their technology and technical staffing needs.

We're also here to help prospective tech employees match their interests and aptitudes to a position that works best. And the great news is we have a heavy influx of top quality slots available. You could be working with several platforms, tools, and environments, Unix, Linux, Gateway, Sharepoint, WebSphere, servers, databases, LAN/WAN, or telecommunication systems. Duties may range from high-level strategy implementation, software and application development, network monitoring, and performance analysis to backup and recovery, installation and configuration, troubleshooting, email setup, and more.

The potential is huge, the possibilities are limitless. Get started nailing down your network position(s) by contacting a Carroll Tech Services rep today.

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