10 Ways How Hiring The Wrong Candidate Could Spell Disaster
October 26, 2012

With the high unemployment rate, and poor economy today, many Americans are falling into one of two traps: desperately clinging to a job that they hate, or desperately finding a job that they’re not cut out for, in order to just have a job. In fact, according to a recent poll mentioned in Forbes, less than 1 in 5 employed Americans are happy with their jobs. And that’s not even counting the unemployed. Add to this situation any urgency, ignorance, or lack of dedicated recruiting resources, and you have a major minefield of problems for recruiters, causing a vicious cycle if the wrong candidate is hired.

1. Loss of Performance
Overstatement of skillset makes for sub-par performance; misunderstandings can cause huge steps backwards in terms of company progress. And while it’s the problem that gets the most attention, losses on under-qualified performance is only the tip of the iceberg of troubles associated with hiring the wrong candidate.

2. Loss of Morale
If someone’s the wrong candidate, they can immediately start—and continue—causing friction with their peers and superiors and can put a strain on morale for the whole team.

3. Loss of Other Solid Team Members
Friction can lead to fallout, regardless of how the situation is handled. A solid employee may be dumbfounded on principle that the hire happened in the first place, even if immediately fired. Another may just run out of patience if the exit takes too long. Some bad eggs may not adhere to non-competes, and take long-time employees with them.

4. Loss of Face
A side effect of a bad new hire is distrust in the managerial decision-making process. This kind of distrust takes a while to earn back and can get in the way of operations.

5. Loss of Company Image
Especially in this instantaneous, digital age, PR nightmares can happen, and hit the company as a whole. Subtle embarrassments, too, can come from moody, unstable, or otherwise unfit candidates.

6. Loss of Company Property
Whether it’s physical property like a desk chair or intellectual property like trade secrets and proprietary processes, planned theft happens without being thorough in the recruitment process, even if the candidate is only briefly employed.

7. Loss of Key Differentiators
Weakened brand positioning doesn’t always happen from competitors or market changes. Sometimes the edge is lost as a result of settling for the status quo by recruiting average Joes.

8, 9 & 10. Time Cost, Dollar Cost and Client Cost
It costs time and money to not only allocate resources for hiring the candidate in the first place, but then to rehire a new one if the first goes wrong. Plus, you need to account for lost time on project work, and if things are really bad, clients may notice and waver from contracts.

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