10 Mutual Benefits of Hiring on a Contract Basis
December 7, 2012

1. Flexibility. Both parties can simply write into the contract whatever specifications they'd like. Everything can be entirely up for grabs or remain similar in most respects to full-timers.
2. Insurance Packages. The most common proponent from a hiring standpoint is saving on insurance costs. This can be a moot point for the contractor, who may not prefer the company's carrier, with a more affordable plan of their own.
3. Retirement Plans. Employers can also save on this; contractors may find it a pain to rollover anyhow.
4. Savings on the Clock. Employers don't have to pay for idle salaried Facebook-trolling hours. From the contractor's perspective, they can arrive later or leave earlier if their work gets done, saving them money in the form of time.
5. WYSIWYG. You get what you pay for and you get what you put into it. Paying as you go helps accommodate tight or unreliable company budgets. And the hourly contractor is immune to the unpaid overtime that makes full-time employees cringe. Rather, he/she has a more direct line to the fruits of their labor.
6. Time Commitment. Single parents, workers with multiple jobs, and businesses with oddball hours or seasons can make things as full-time or part-time as necessary.
7. Tenure & Office Politics. The renewability of contracts makes performance trump tenure and ensures those workers take their annual reviews seriously.
8. Perks. Contractors may enjoy reasonable perks like working from home, taking control of lunches and off-the-clock time, and enjoying greater leniency in vacation scheduling.
9. Productivity. Salaries often cause laziness and complacency. Contracts can still be structured with incentives. Depending on the worker, flat rate contracts may increase efficiency, while hourly rates can increase output.
10. Turnover. Corollary to time commitment, contracts are great for high turnover industries and situations where the worker wants a stepping stone or a clear heads up on the next job or upcoming long sabbatical.


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