Top 10 Reasons Why Smarter Businesses Use a Pro Recruiting Firm
July 12, 2012

More and more and more leading businesses are discovering that it’s smarter to hire a pro recruiting company. Here are the top 10 reasons why.

1) Focus on the Big Picture

Hiring a recruiting company lets you focus on the money-making, strategy-shaking, ground-breaking things that matter most to your job and to your company, whether you’re the CEO, CFO, or a human resources specialist. While your company is likely not hiring at the time, when it does, it probably needs to act fast to fill the position. More often than not, this means dropping all the other things you’re juggling. But with a dedicated recruiting company that is always focused on hiring and placement, you have a more seamless transition, while always maintaining focus on the big picture.

2) Pick Platinum from Gold Rather Than Diamonds from the Rough

Our pre-screening for talent assures that only the best, qualified candidates are presented for IT job openings. That means employers get to select from already hand-picked, proven, all-star talent, rather than wasting time with scouting and risky betting.

3) Look for Real Impact, Not Just Status Quo

Our team specializes in placing “impact players” in technology. That impact can mean a match for producing better, more revolutionary technology products, or profit and career path growth aligned well. It means that you get senior-level, technical and managerial roles not only filled to your expectations, but both parties get something that exceeds the job description in a way that’s mutually beneficial for the long-term.

4) Draft Your Dream Team

For start-up clients, we can help by not only placing key impact individuals, but also by establishing whole teams from the ground up, whether it is a highly specialized IT technical team or a dedicated in-house recruitment department. We get how individual candidates will perform alone and their potential for meshing with each other.

5) Minimize Risk

Hiring an individual or team of individuals can be complex. Policies around health and retirement packages, bonuses, training, and severance all add to the base salary monetary liability of someone new on board. Carroll Tech’s recruiters understand the unique challenges presented in recruiting technical staff, and are constantly staying up-to-date with the changes and trends in the industry. This allows us to better meet the needs of both the prospective employee and the employer. We look for demonstrated track records, proven talent, and red flags as much as green lights for opportunity. We connect employers with top talent and connect qualified job candidates with the right jobs. It’s our philosophy that the more satisfied both parties are, the more successful and profitable a future they will have, with reduced risk of falling out.

6) Experience Is Everything

Entrusting your recruitment process to a firm with plenty of professional experience in the field is key. Established in 2001. Carroll Technology Services has been in the technical recruiting business for 11 years. The founders alone have combined a experience of over 45 years. We have placed more than 3,000 highly qualified technical candidates, and filled even the most challenging positions, for several of the top tech firms in the country. While based in Maryland, our business has worked with firms stretching all the way up to New York, over to PA and Delaware, and down to Virginia and DC.

7) Quickness Meets Quality

When facing a hiring process, even non-urgent ones, HR and department heads too often rush the process in order to get back to regular operations sooner. This typically results in settling for the wrong candidate. Before you know it, the soon-disgruntled new hire either leaves on a dime, or worse, makes poor decisions, disgruntles other productive team members, and otherwise costs the company money before they’re fired. In both cases, you’re back to where you started. Not only do we save each party time making the initial match, we save them time for the future. We are more than comfortable handling urgent time-to-hire searches while maintaining a quality match.

8) Increase Flexibility with Contract Staffing

Besides direct hires, we can also help with contractual roles. Contract staffing is growing in popularity, partly due to the shift in the economy and new insurance legislation and the reduced costs and liabilities of contract roles. Most importantly, contract solutions offer the key benefit of flexibility that’s attractive to both the company and the worker. Our contracting back-office, Top Echelon Contracting, handles everything from drawing up the contracts, finances, administrative tasks, and more.

9) Get The Help That Handles Everything

If you’d like to simply outsource all the IRS headaches and concerns that come with employment, Carroll Technology Service offers a convenient, turnkey Employer of Record service. For a nominal cost, we hire the candidate, handle the taxes, insurance, benefits, payroll funding, payroll processing, and more. You just pay one simple invoice.

10) Tapping Into Your Recruiting Resource Is Easy

The best part about going with a professional recruiting firm is how easy it is to get started with Carroll Technology Services. Registration is free and quick to begin checking out our huge database full of pre-screened and top-notch talent. You’ll be able to find all kinds of information technology specialists looking for new opportunities, from network engineers, enterprise managers, and database architects to programmers, software developers, systems analysts, web heads, and more. There are plenty of managers, senior-level directors, and chief technology officers available to boot.

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